D+ Lotion Single D+ Lotion Single D+ Lotion Single D+ Lotion Single
D+ Lotion Single D+ Lotion Single D+ Lotion Single D+ Lotion Single

D+ Lotion Single



Powered by InnerEdge technology, D+ Lotion contains 5000 IU and delivers it directly via the skin. 

Apply two pumps of our gel-based lotion (a pea-sized amount) to the forearms daily to triple your vitamin D levels within 3-4 months of use. One bottle contains a 60 day supply. 

Vitamin D plays supports immune health, sleep quality, bone and muscle health, and brain function. 


  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • Easy to use any time of day
  • Informed Choice & Sport certified


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    The easiest way to supplement

    Powered by InnerEdge™ technology, our patented D+ Lotion delivers 5000 IU of vitamin D3 directly to your body by applying it to the skin. Use D+ Lotion to boost immunity and help you, break through daily.

    Get more out of every session with PR Lotion


    Get more out of every session with PR Lotion

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 30 reviews
    D+ Lotion rules!

    I've been using the D+ lotion for the past couple of months and love it. Anything to help boost the immune system is a gift especially during a global pandemic. Once a day on each inner forearm and you are good to go. I prefer the ease of use of the lotion verses taking a pill form.

    An Enjoyable Way to Take My Vitamin D

    I've never enjoyed taking pills, and because I've had lots of gut and digestive dysfunction my doc has told me I don't get much out of oral supplements anyway. So I was thrilled to try Amp Human's new D+ lotion. It's easy to use, so I've already incorporated it into my morning routine. After reading the latest research on Vitamin D decreasing the severity of COVID symptoms, I bought the lotion for my whole family. It's fantastic and we all now swear by it.

    Family Approved

    The whole family is using and loving this product. We leave it out next to the sunscreen and everyone is in the habit of applying some of the D+ lotion daily. Highly recommend.


    Regular part of my training kit! Thanks AMP team for innovating and making awesome products for athletes!

    Love it.

    Easy, pleasant to use. Pregnant daughters loved ability to get their required daily dose with just a couple pumps to the wrist and done!

    PR lotion requires no innovation from me

    It feels right and easy to use. And now I have a double good reason to be using lotion each day.

    Really easy to use

    Besides the fact that it's a great way to supplement Vitamin D, it's really easy to apply, absorbs quickly and is a part of my daily habbit.

    Great alternative to pills and oral supplements

    The new Vitamin D Lotion from Amp Human hits the mark in my opinion. I'm not much of a supplement person to begin with, but knowing the importance of Vitamin D as an athlete and general health as a human, I've been wanting to take a supplement that was effective. I wasn't deficient in Vitamin D before hand, so I am taking this as prevention and health. I've been applying it for about a month now & I do notice positive things like stronger nails and fuller hair - didn't expect that. I also notice more energy in the afternoons for some reason... normally reaching for a cup of coffee or tea, if I apply Vitamin D lotion mid day, I really don't feel the need or desire for it.
    The lotion is light, absorbs quickly and has a light scent that doesn't linger. I apply it to the insides of my forearms for best absorption.
    The positive aspects are subtle, and I have yet to take a blood test to measure any significant changes inside the body, but from my perspective, it's doing a great job of what a vitamin d supplement should do. Thanks Amp Human!

    love it

    save your digestive system some work and get Vitamin D topically...makes so much sense. absorbs quickly and completely, very well done.

    Vitamin D Levels normal for the first time

    I have been using Amp Human's D+ Lotion for the past few weeks. I have been Vitamin D deficient for as long as I can remember. I have tried everything, all the different brands of drops, pill, custom vitamins and IV (which brings my levels up briefly but I can't maintain). I had my levels checked just this week and they are almost normal for the first time in a long time! Super easy to use and literally the only thing that has worked for me!