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Maximize your
training effort

PR Lotion allows you to sustain a higher training load due to improving muscle efficiency.


PR Lotion limits the damage of free radicals while working out by increasing alkalinity.

Game-day edge,
every day

PR lotion is proven to help you extend your threshold so you can go harder, for longer.

How it works

PR Lotion is the world's first and only lotion that delivers the natural electrolyte bicarb to the working muscles.

40 years

Bicarb is a proven performance tool with 40+ years of data; it is proven to buffer acid build up in working muscles during exercise. However, it has been near impossible to use due to extreme GI distress with oral consumption.

Unlocking Bicarb

Powered by InnerEdge™ technology PR Lotion unlocks bicarb by delivering it directly to the working muscles via the skin, making it effective and practical for athletes to use in sport for the first-time.

IOC Approved

Bicarb is one of 5 sports performance aids that is recommended as effective and safe for athletes by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Trusted & Proven

Teams & athletes from the NFL, NHL, NBA, Premier League and Olympic Sports have adopted PR lotion to support stronger training and better recovery. It is also Informed Choice & Sport certified.


Increase intervals to exhaustion

increase in intervals completed to exhaustion

While using PR Lotion, cyclists completed 25% more (p=0.009) high-intensity intervals before exhaustion when compared to control without any adverse side effects.

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Reduce muscle soreness

reduction in delayed onset muscle soreness (doms)

Following a series of high-intensity time trials, athletes who applied PR Lotion experienced 53% reduction in Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) compared to a continued rise in pain of 34% when the same athletes used a control lotion.

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Improve muscle efficiency

increase in blood lactate to fuel muscles

Following high-intensity time trials, athletes who applied PR Lotion experienced 11% higher blood lactate levels when compared to control. More lactate reduces exercise-induced fatigue during a workout.

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Increase power output

increase in total pounds of weight lifted

Our initial pilot study with Red Bull, exploring the potential power output impact of PR Lotion application, showed up to a 16% increase in total pounds of weight lifted. We are excited to expand this study in the near future. Read the full study here.

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