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Works for me

Got this before my first Century and It works as describes!!!

This stuff works

Seems impossible, but the next day I’ve noticed a significant decrease in my overall soreness post a hard workout when using amp.

Works as promised

The best thing I can say about Amp is that it works. Get it you’ll be glad you did.

PR Lotion works

I'm a very skeptic person, and I also deal with tendon tightness, muscle tightness. I'm trying to stretch a lot to counteract my genetic predetermined tightness, but I sometimes I end up pulling my hamstring or my calf, almost like there was a speed limiter built into my legs. Sub 6 minute efforts can trigger that. PR lotion definitely helped with these. Maybe massaging the lotion alone help but I do believe that it also able to transfer some salts.
The only downside is the hairs on my leg could consume some of the lotion and I'd need to cover seats or furniture with towels to not transfer the lotion on them. However first time in my life I shaved my legs for this lotion! That helped with the mess and I hope better absorption (less lotion remains on the leg hair).

This product is great but I don't understand why it dries up and looks like I have dry skin.


PR Lotion Bottle

PR Lotion Bottle


This works great. Keeps the burn away during hard efforts. Don't be fooled, the legs will still be tired, just won't burn much. The next day the legs feel good and recovery is so much better. It you're debating, stop, buy some.

Hesitant about purchasing

My ENVE teammates had raved about AMP PR lotion and was hesitant about getting some. I purchased a bottle and happy to report that I was able to notice a difference in my performance. Notably in my quads during hard long rides. Did not feel as fatigued getting off the bike and on to a run. If you are on the fence, i would start with a bottle to see if it makes a difference in your workouts.

I’m enjoying the product more as I use it n other body part s beyond just my legs!


Great product. Highly recommended

I love this!! Thank you!!

I’ve used your product religiously since you started.. wouldn’t train or race without it!!

Amazing results

I expected some improvement but I didn't expect the results i got. You have to have the fitness to perform but with this on the burn and neuromuscular effect is highly aided! Hard efforts or long rides have noticed a marked difference. I highly recommend it

Wow!! just Amazing

Use all the time prior to interval workouts and also at Ironman races applying in T1 before the bike and at T2 before starting the marathon, had a pack in my special need bag on the run but didn't feel the need to use it but looking back, next time I will as I can feel the difference and how it just made me feel like I could go stronger longer. You Have To give It A GO!!!!

The extra edge that takes my workouts to extraordinary

This has helped me push through longer and harder workouts without fatigue and recover faster. It’s been instrumental in my recent build as I shoot for a Boston qualifying marathon.

PR Lotion Buy 4, Get 1 Free. $175 Value

PR Lotion Buy 4, Get 1 Free. $175 Value

Game changer

I’m one that is always looking for 1% more and this product gives me more than that. Allows me to go harder and longer with out my legs determining how hard I go due to that lactic acid burning feeling. I find that using amp for my hard training days and races makes what once felt impossible possible.

PR Lotion Buy 4, Get 1 Free. $175 Value
The Best

the only stuff that works out there 💯💯💯

No pain

I must admit, I was very skeptical about this product but I tried a sample I received in a race and I podiumed on that race. So I continued using it and ordered your product. I have to say, that I noticed a big difference in leg soreness and freshness during the race. I feel that this product definitely keeps me on the cutting edge during the race and keeps me from feeling sore so I can train hard again sooner. Thanks a bunch!

PR Lotion Buy 4, Get 1 Free. $175 Value

Great value and this stuff really works

PR Lotion Buy 4, Get 1 Free. $175 Value
Cream to solid

Love PR works great.the new formula I received first bottle was so thick barely could get out. Will continue to use unless I have problem with other 4bottles

Works awesome as usual

Love how amp works!

Extra boost is welcome any time!!!

Always gives me an Extra boost when I need it!!!

Great for work and play

I use it at work I’m in a warehouse and it’s not easy to breath in a mask the buff is thin Enid to breath through but doesn’t make my face sweat.I wear it when I ride incase I stop no fumbling for a mask