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Great help. I had Lactic Acidosis Type After my leg muscles and circulation were damaged by a Brown Recluse Spider bite over 6 months ago.

Smooth move

Wow much better smell and texture. Goes on great, feels smooth to touch and better smell.


Just amazed at how well the product works.

Still the best

I like the original over the new formula.

What a Mass

I love product but hate that the container slip open due to the product is so Thick.


I can’t imagine doing hard rides without it. I can keep up In races and on hard training rides without my legs shutting down.

Essential Tool

When you set big goals and seek extraordinary challenges, it takes more than just hard work and grit - you have to have the right tools. I consider this to be one of my essential tools. Whether it’s back-to-back long training runs or mile 82 of 100 mile race, I know I can count on having Amp to help get me to my goal. Can’t wait to give the new formula a try!

Love it!!!

Couldn’t wait to get this stuff. At first I thought whoa!! I’ve put too much on. But as I keep massaging it just soaked right in and was gone. Felt amazing in the run after.

Made me runner again

I am back to my running days with it

Definititely improved consistency and absorption

Next Gen is a solid improvement over the prior version in both consistency and absorption !

New AMP Formula

Another excellent product and improvement over the original. Loved the original but the new formula is not messy and goes on good and absorbed quick! Nice job!

The best just got better!

I have been using and recommending PR Lotion to my clients for several months now. Next Gen PR Lotion's new consistency makes it easier to apply yet still provides the same great benefits! It is a real game changer!!!

Prevents cramps

After every long or hard ride I rub AMP PR on my legs and voila, I don't have to worry about legs cramps.


I was skeptical. I was wrong. This works well and there is both less soreness after a hard ride as well as less muscle fatigue during it. My test drive consisted of applying to one leg and not the other over a period of days. While not done with scientific protocols in lab conditions, it was enough to convince me of the effectiveness. I won’t be in the pro tour because of AMP but certainly a happier amateur cyclist.

Easier to apply

Definitely faster and easier to apply. Does not feel to oily in the hands after application, compared to the old generation. Same great result.

Great upgrade to an already great product

Love how the "next generation" lotion doesn't stain clothing and dries more more of that "greased pig" feeling after application!

It works!

Great product. Allows me to go harder for longer and reduces post ride soreness. A downside was the slipperiness which has now been addressed with the new formula. Please can I ask for an Australian distributor to reduce the postage costs to make it more affordable.

Great improvement to a great product

This upgraded version is excellent. It absorbs quicker does not leave white marks all over my bibs and smells way better. PR lotion has been a game changer for my training. I used to have chronically sore quads and this product alleviated that soreness. Don’t get me wrong, training still makes me sore but not the touch your quads with your finger and wince sore.

Highly recommend

I highly recommend all forms of amp human. As someone who goes to extremes, it has made old boundaries easily broken. 3 of my students swear by it as well.


Definitely helps on rides 4+ hrs. The effect is subtle, but the last hour of a 5hr ride, is a bit more enjoyable. Instead of crawling in at mile 100, the old legs still have some kick left for a couple of sprints.

Legit so far- 1 week in

I have been using this on training days and it does work- the burn is minimized which keeps my focus sharper. If the price point came down a bit i would consider using more of it!

Great update to an awesome product

I've been using the original AMP PR Lotion since the Topical Edge days. It's been a great asset to not only performance but recovery post-race and big training blocks. The older formula works great but could be a bit messy, especially when wearing tights and other cold weather gear. The new formula goes on much smoother, has the same awesome effectiveness and dries quickly on the skin for less residue. Stoked they took an already great product and upped their game! I recommend it to all the athletes i coach and even some of my competition ;)

Love the new formula!

Really like the new formula - just as effective and applies like lotion without the former strong scent. It really helps soreness before and after my bike ride. Liked it then, but love it now. This will be an essential product in our training kit as we head back to train in Mallorca next month!

Even better

Same amazing results, far better consistency. Love the new texture and feel of the lotion.