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Love it

I am so glad I purchased this cream. It smells great and I am getting my vitamin D without taking a pill.

PR lotion for life

This stuff is miracle in a bottle. Couldn’t believe how much harder I was able to push with such low lactic acid build up. Total game changer!!

Boost my performance

I love this product! Not sure if it is all in my head but I feel like my performance have improved greatly since I've started using the product. Now I slathered it on for every hard work out or race.

D+ Lotion Family Pack

I hate pills

Love this product I think it’s been helping a lot energy wise. Vitamin D is so important especially in the winter! The best part I never forget to take.

Easy to use

Using a lotion is more pleasant and easier than taking a pill. I enjoy using it everyday!

Smells great

It smells great and absorbs really quick!

It's A Winner! Vitamin D Review on

I loved the Vitamin D lotion so much I wrote a full review on my blog. You can check it out here:

Easiest application ever!

I love that I now remember to take my Vitamin D every day! Having the old bottle of capsules right by my toothbrush didn’t help me one bit. Applying two pumps right after my shower or washing my face has been so easy to remember! Looking forward to getting lab work to see the difference.

D+ Lotion Single

I like it

This stuff works, it seems like I can push a little harder and longer


Love it

Bye bye stiffness

I just turned 50, yet I train harder and push my body further than I did in my 20s and 30s because I’ve learned to train smarter. A big part of this is Amp Human. I can confidently cycle 100 miles or push hard in strength training knowing that this Amp PR lotion has my back and I will not be suffering nearly as much. Keeps my muscles from locking up during performance and keeps soreness at a minimum after a hard session. I was shocked after riding a century and then feeling like I could do it all over again the next day. Thanks Amp Human!

Amp Human D+

I love love love how easy it is to apply, no swallowing, the smell is mild and sweet and it absorbs well into my forearm. I can't wait to be tested next time to see what my levels are. I was severely deficient so my doctor should be surprised at 5000 ml a day supplementation.

Great product

Another quality lotion from Amp.

Amp to Vamp up your Game

I use both the PR lotion and the Vitamin D solution. I have to say I love both.
Both of these really do make a difference for me. Look forward to there next product.

D+ Lotion & PR Lotion Starter Kit

Excellent Product - smells good too!

I took a chance on a high recommendation from a trusted source! I love that I do not have to take a pill to get my Vitamin D in - one less per day for me. This is very easy to use and the scent is light and fresh and does not linger. I am not deficient in Vit D but I am being proactive! Added this and magnesium to my regime and when I have finished with my magnesium from another company I am going to give the one on this site a try as well.

Great 👍🏼 product

Very easy to use & feels as effective as taking a pill 💊

Amazing and noticeable benefit

Just like the amazing and noticeable difference I see utilizing PR lotion in my regular training regime, the introduction of the vitamin D supplement has been an equally impressive addition to my nutrition, training, and recovery schedule. The improvement to sleep, and overall energy levels have been noticeable, and help me get the very most out of every training hour I’m able to put in. The cost versus benefit ratio of the amp human products Is second to none in the industry. You have to try it to believe it.

Great Product

Love it!

Works well

PR lotion is a great name. I have been using it for Zwift Racing League events, and it has definitely helped with reaching new performance peaks and recovering the next day. A bit too expensive for every day use, though.

D+ Lotion Single

Excellent Product

These products work great!

Amazing Product

I have been using the PR Lotion for over a year and find it an amazing training tool as well as recovery product! I definitely feel stronger during intense exercises and don't feel as sore afterwards! This is a win win for me!