It's not just for the big day, it's for everyday.

Apply, Exercise, Repeat

When: During your pre-workout routine.

How Much: Use a heavy coat. Pile it on! If using On-the-go Packets, 1-2 packets per workout.

Where: Lower body - calves to lower back. Upper body - forearms to shoulders.

How the Pros Use PR Lotion

The Basics

Before your workout, when it's convenient.
Apply 30 minutes before you get in the water.
Put on PR Lotion first so it can absorb.

Pro Tips

More is More: More bicarb = more acid the body can buffer so use liberally.

Load it Up: Before races, many pro athletes "bicarb load." Apply, wait 30 minutes, wipe, then apply again.

Ready to Repeat: Applying again post-workout gives an extra recovery boost. Many pros use it in sports massages.

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