PR Lotion helps military personnel maximize their training by neutralizing lactic acid

We combine bicarb with our patented absorption technology to send bicarb directly to the muscles

Consolidate gains across workouts and shorten recovery time by training with PR Lotion every day

Alkalinization with bicarb reduces free radical release, thus reducing muscle soreness in the days after intense efforts

Our Military Packages

Purchases can be made with a P-Card

Competed and able to contract sole source

CAGE code: 88S10

Test & Learn

We adapt the use of PR Lotion to specific use cases

We can work with you to optimize a protocol and dosing strategy specific to your requirements

Staff Sergeant, Ariana Perez


"Two hour workout in. Double Murph. Does Amp Human PR Lotion work? Absolutely! I definitely couldn't have finished that last two miles without it."