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A convenient post-workout formula designed to kickstart the recovery process after workouts like running, weightlifting, cycling and other intense training. Momentous Recovery uses the same grass-fed whey isolate as our Essential Grass-fed Whey Protein, combined with quality carbohydrates to replenish energy and improve recovery. We’ve also included key amino acids like glutamine and L-Carnitine and high-quality electrolytes.

15 servings/bag 

Customer Reviews

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Just mix with milk!

I love the Recovery Momentous product, it mixes very easily and there is no smoothie needed, so I often just mix it with milk. As well, after an intense soccer practice or game, it helps with post practice or game recovery. It is also very important to me that that there is total transparency on where the ingredients come from, and Momentous has that.

Valencia Crme is delicious

Is delicious. It provides incredible nutritional value and has helped me put on lots of muscle in the past months.

Scott M
Best I've ever had

Easily the best recovery product I've ever used. On a weekly basis, I spend 3 days training for half marathons and 3 days weight training, so the differentiation of the two products is a huge bonus. I was really impressed with the taste of the chocolate drinks. They're usually too sweet or just have that artificial taste. Momentous products taste like you're drinking good quality dark chocolate. I'd recommend all of their products.

Mike E
Most legit

I'm getting old and faster at the same time! I need every advantage i can get. i've tried quite a few different protein powders over the years , and this one is most legit

Hayes Wade
Thank you Emma Coburn for calling this brand out!

I had just recently went to a store and was showing my wife how crazy the ingredient deck was on a well known protein powder.
Not long after I caught something on social media with Emma Coburn sponsoring Momentus.
After reviewing the very clean deck I ordered some of the endurance chocolate powder.
It has been my go to after long runs and big workouts and I feel energetic all day and I am not starving in a few hours like normal.
It could also be a side benefit from the clean deck I am having less headaches but not 100% sure.

Thanks for making a great product!!!

Dr. Hayes Wade

Best Recovery Drink for Endurance

First off, the chocolate flavor tastes amazing! Like chocolate milk, even when mixed with only water. Second, I swear I feel this working right when I finish it. I don't feel as fatigued after a long or hard run, and I feel like I am recovering faster. Even though it's a bit expensive for how many servings you get, I don't think there is another product out there that is this good, and has the transparency and certification to all their products.


This is perfect after long runs and brick workouts! I don’t feel as ravenous later in the day if a drink Momentousrrecovery line afterwards. It mixes well and the taste is amazing. (Taste like chocolate milk to me!) I big sell point with supplements for me is if they are certified by NSF or Informed sport. Fortunately, Live Momentous has BOTH so it is a no brainer!

Beth R
Best Recovery Drink on the mkt

After trying multiple recovery drinks, I wasn't getting my needs met. Then, I tried Momentous Recovery Choclate -- my new go-to.
I used it first when I was really beat after a long set of threshold and VO2Max intervals. I made a shake with almond milk. Pure magic. Not too sweet - chocolate takes excellent.
Just right

So glad I found this stuff!!!
Jeanne-Candice Garrido

The best protein powder that I've ever tried. Mixes easily with just water in a shaker cup. I use this after my workouts and I definitely feel that it helps with my recovery so I'm able to train hard the next day. Plus I love the Valencia Creme flavor...its not too sweet and a nice change from the typical chocolate and vanilla flavors you see everywhere .

starsYou get what you pay for
Amazon Customer

Momentous is top of the line. It's well crafted and performs well, too. Mixes well. Tastes good. Effective. No BS.