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PR Lotion helps you maximize your workout, do more of what you love, and come back strong the next day–by neutralizing acid in your muscles with bicarb.

Each standard tube supports 5 workouts.

Trusted by the world's best athletes
Clean sport compliant
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Customer Reviews

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Really works.

I was skeptical but this stuff really works.

The real deal!!!

I feel this stuff working 5 minutes after it’s applied.

The 70th Year Edge...

Recommend AMP highly. I am out 5 days a week and training at 70 with a team of kids from 28 to 50 years of age. My dedication and love of cycling is well supported by controlling that lactic acid surge which is ever present. Whether the training morning includes intervals at 80%-90% of heart max or an hour of climbing 6%-8% mountain while standing the whole route, AMP is as important as water, a good night's sleep, proper technic, diet and a well maintained bike. Thank you!
Just a few issues...
a. It's getting expensive and it's great if I can find a discount or coupon.
b. I will sometimes get tubes that no matter how much I shake/squeeze them to mix the product, I will get the oily yellow gel followed by the cream.
c. I've had two tubes with a "nicked" or unsealed corner. I have to hold that corner so that the Amp doesn't flow out of wrong end.

Thank you for the positive review! We're so happy to hear PR Lotion working so well for you! To answer your concerns: a. Have you looked into signing up to our subscription program? Monthly subscribers get a 10% discount on each order! b/c. Our Next Gen Formula is almost ready! In January, this new and improved formula will not separate like you've seen the original formula do, it is even easier to apply, and it will be coming in a stronger bottle!
Great product.

Legs feel fresher during my hard workouts.

Better Than First Batch

The recent batch was less greasy and dried quicker.
The product doesn’t necessarily have me sprint quicker or climb a hill faster. But during a ride I recover faster so at the end of a ride I am stronger. It also allows me to ride on consecutive days as long as neither ride was especially hard. I could never do that before. As a reference I’m a male 71 years and most of my rides are in the 35 to 60 mile range

Applying PR Lotion is always part of the routine before competition

I’ve really come to appreciate PR Lotion. I’ve used it for many endurance events like BWR or Ironman 70.3’s and 140.6’s. The lotion works well for big events and provides recovery benefits too.

Now i'm hooked

Skeptical until I wasn't. Was out on a hammer fest 50 miler and a teammate gave me a little packet to try. I thought what the hell, I'm ashy anyway so at least ill be moisturized and supple if nothing else. With no expectations, I put it on and thought nothing else of it. Then it happened, that day my legs showed up and showed out. I was 'that guy' for a day. Basking in athleticism. Was able to push harder than normal over and over again. It wasn't until after the ride where the same teammate asked "so what did you think" i actually forgot about it. But my logical brain was telling me there was no way it could be the lotion, that was all me bro, I woke up like this. Until i tired it again on another ride. Same results. AND felt like i could go for more after the ride. It was weird. There are two problems though. 1. It works so well nobody wants to tell you about it. I started to notice more and more shiny legs on the hard rides and races. 2. Even though i genuinely like the product i didn't like the white residue left all over my legs when i got done. However, I know that is about to change. That's why I'm excited about the new lotion that's supposed to be out in January. I already did a preorder with the kickstarter! Long story short. I like it. Go try it. You literally have nothing to lose. If you don't like it send me your bottle. One last thing, don't be shy about putting it on. A little works but a little more works a little more.

Why wouldn’t you try it? It just works.

I am skeptical by nature, when a product is claimed to help you recover and also exert a high level for a longer period of time then you could normally do. I had to try it. Well, low and behold it works. I can ride my bicycle hard every day and not feel fatigue or any soreness. My longest consecutive days is 32 this year.
There is one drawback, it is that they run out of the large tubes from time to time.
So, go out and buy it, try it and you also can reap the benefits of this product.

It Really Works

I’ve been using for well over a year and it totally works , I recover better and can ride harder for longer

Game Changer!

I recently used AMP for Ironman Wisconsin and cannot imagine doing another race without it! While battling the notorious climbs of IMWI, it’s not if you’ll feel the harsh lactic burn but when. With the help of AMP, not only did I get a PR for the course, every hill felt flatter and was able to transition to the run with so much less fatigue.