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Momentous Omega-3 is a daily fish oil supplement designed to optimize intake of the most important Omega-3 fatty acids - EPA and DHA. Each serving delivers a potent 1500mg combined EPA and DHA in a 1:1 ratio. Our fish oil also contains a minimum of 90% triglyceride bound Omega-3’s - the form of Omega-3’s found naturally in fish and most easily absorbed by the body. The digestive enzyme Lipase is also added to further improve bioavailability. Momentous Omega-3 is molecularly distilled to ensure purity and remove metals, pesticides, and other possible contaminants. Each batch is NSF Certified for Sport to ensure label accuracy and athlete safety

30 servings / container

Customer Reviews

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Bioavailability optimized

I'm a big fan of the added lipase digestive enzyme in this omega and it certainly eliminates that fishy aftertaste. I've had many athletes talk about fish burps or taste of omegas and avoid them. Bring on this Momentous NSF fish oil so I can get athletes consistent with their omegas!

Nick G.
No fish burps

Pretty much with every other omega-3 supplement I've used, I get some sort of G.I. distress and foul-smelling, fishy burps. This is NOT the case with this Momentous product. No stomach ache, no nasty burps. Also the NSF cert makes me feel better about the source.

June B.

So excited to have a quality product that is NSF certified for sport! It will be added to the routine for sure.

Love that Momentous launched an Omega

I've known how important Omega-3s are for overall health for a while, but kind of out of laziness haven't had them as part of my routine. Now that Momentous has an NSF version and it's sourced from high quality, sustainable fish, I'm adding this to my subscription.

Jack S
glass > plastic

Great to see Momentous making an Omega now. Like that their product is in glass as every other product is in plastic.
Very few options for NSF Certified Omegas out there, and this one had very high EPA / DHA content per serving.

Great source and product!

Love this addition to my daily routine.

Dianne Desabris
NSF Certification

Not too many Omegas are NSF certified. Like knowing that these products are clean. Would recommend!

Mike D
Right levels of EPA and DHA

Did research and Momentous Omega has the right levels of EPA and DHA. With NSF certification too this is a great option for an omega.

Cecilie Marie Davila
Added Omega 3 to my collagen subscription

Love Momentous collagen and was using generic fish oil from Whole Foods. Love being able to have an option from Momentous.

Great add to my daily supplement stack

Like having a high-quality Omega to my supplement stack. No fish breath and feel good about a supplement with so many proven benefits.