What's Your PR Lotion Routine? Our Athletes Share Theirs

Whether it's race day, a hard day training or easy recovery, most PR Lotion users have their own unique routine. We asked a group of our professional athletes, across a range of disciplines, to give us the inside scoop on what their PR Lotion routine looks like.

A World Champion’s Tip

Mountain bike cross country world champion Kate Courtney shared one of her tips to applying PR Lotion pre-race.

“I bring disposable gloves with me to the race so I can keep my hands clean when I apply PR Lotion. As a mountain bike racer, grip is important and you can’t have your hands slipping off the bars! The gloves are a good trick to keeping my hands clean while getting my legs ready to rock.”

PR Lotion Has Never Been So Cool

Obstacle course competitor, Megan Flanagan, has her own unique way of using PR Lotion for recovery.

“I have a creative way for use; I love putting it in the fridge and using it after a hot run--it not only helps with soreness but also helps cool me down.”

Doubling Up

World Champion trail runner Joseph Gray doubles up pre-race.

"I like to get up and around breakfast time apply a light layer of PR Lotion. Sometimes, before I warm up I will apply another application, mostly on my quads, calves, back and also any areas that are a little sore or tight. Has worked like a charm for me!"

Lotion On-The-Go

Former professional cyclist and coach Janel Holcomb keeps the pre-ride essentials all in one place.

“There are a few things I do before every ride as I kit up for training; put on my heart rate strap, apply sunscreen, chamois cream and grab my SRM PC8. It’s a no brainer to keep PR Lotion next to those four items so it becomes an easy part of my pre-ride routine. When I'm away from my home base, the easy-to-use sachets of PR Lotion go in my cycling travel kit so I can apply it right before I head to the start line of the day's gran fondo or hammerfest.”

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