What Endurance Athletes Are Missing

With a new year just days away and fresh goals already in mind, there’s only one thing standing in your way...winter. Unless you’re in Southern California or Florida, the chances are high that getting in a workout might mean getting in an indoor workout. This doesn’t need to be a bad thing since it offers endurance athletes the opportunity to mix up their routine and focus on improving potential weaknesses.

Adding time in the gym for resistance training, which is neglected by most endurance athletes, can offer enormous benefits in helping correct muscle imbalances, improve mobility, and has the potential to increase power. For the 40+ year-old athletes, resistance training can also be key in helping limit the decreases in bone density and lean muscle mass that comes with age. CTS has a breakdown of the exercises that can benefit an endurance athlete the most, here. As you’ll see, most of the exercises are multi-joint, which recruits more muscles and can provide a complete workout in a just short amount of gym time.

For someone highly-trained trained in their sport, it takes a notable increase in workload from what you’re used to in order to experience DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), but a one-hour workout in the gym, when not adapted to it, can leave you limping around for days. This is where PR Lotion can be your best friend and allow you to achieve workouts that were not possible before using the sodium bicarbonate lotion that has proven to deliver more than a 50% reduction in DOMS following an intense workout.

For Amp Human Performance athlete Karen Jarchow, PR Lotion helped her up the level and consistency in her gym workouts, allowing her to still add in cycling as well. “I first tried PR Lotion this offseason when I was putting in six hours a week of weight training. I used it before each session as well as the double days when I'd lift and ride. Being pleasantly surprised with how it helped reduce muscle fatigue, I now use it almost every day throughout my training schedule.”

Adam Mills of Source Endurance and founder of the BWR Survival Camp had similar things to say about how a decrease in DOMS can mean an increase in training productivity. “Pain is a very influential aspect of the negative feedback loop so the less sore you are the next day, the more you can push yourself to improve. PR Lotion has been shown to have a 53% reduction in delayed onset muscle soreness the day following a hard workout, so that basically means you can return to higher intensity training the next day because recovery is more complete.”

Apply PR Lotion to the major muscle groups you’ll be working 30-minutes before your next resistance training session and enjoy a huge reduction in DOMS.

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