Topical Edge Tips: Run Faster

No matter what you’re training for this fall, be it your first road marathon, a local cross-country meet or maybe stepping into an ultramarathon race, getting more out of your training and recovery sessions building up to the big day is critical. In that light, we’ve got a few Topical Edge Tips to help you train harder, recover faster and ultimately run faster on race day.


More quality efforts means more speed, strength and endurance when it really counts. Keeping your stride and form at the track or on your local interval hill for an extra set or two on those hard days can boost your training. Apply one packet per leg approximately thirty minutes before your tough workout and get the most you can out of your sufferfest.

Joseph Gray, World Champion Distance Runner


After a long work week and not quite the kind of workout intensity or duration you were looking for, the weekend rolls around and it’s time to crush your long run to turn the training up a notch. For efforts lasting longer than a couple hours when you’ll likely be sweating more and needing to not only replenish your electrolytes, but keep your legs feeling fresh, try using two packets per leg covering every square inch of your lower limbs. After all, it’s not just your calves and quads doing all the hard work. Don’t neglect the hamstrings, glutes and even lower back when you’re spending hours running in one day.


Ultimately, building to your big running event this fall will not only come down to the work you put in, but if you were able to reap the benefits. Once you’ve cleaned up from the day’s efforts, apply another packet and put your legs up on the couch, you’ve earned it. Recovery is the key to be able to come back the next day for an equally hard workout while still feeling as fresh as the day before. Eat and sleep well, but don’t neglect the body with some light stretching and the mind with a relaxing environment to charge you batteries for the next battle on the tarmac or trails.


You’ve put in the hard work, now is the time to shine. Treat race day like any other training day -- don’t change anything that you’ve been doing with success leading up to the big day. Training went great, there’s no reason to try anything new race morning. Just think of it as you’re going to crush another really hard workout, something you’ve done dozens of times before. With trust in the process and your abilities, unfound resiliency is common on race day, just embrace it and enjoy the experience.

Megan Porteous, Athlete

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