PR Lotion Athletes Dominate IRONMAN Canada, Finishing 1st, 3rd, & 6th!
This past Sunday three PR Lotion athletes had incredible performances at what has become known as one of the most challenging IRONMAN courses in the world. IRONMAN Canada held in Whistler was hot and loaded with a deep talent field which made the results of Brent McMahon, Matt Russell, and Andrew Talansky all the sweeter.
McMahon took an early lead in the swim and never looked back. First out of the water, he then posted the 2nd fastest bike split with only former top-10 Tour de France rider Andrew Talansky bettering his time. McMahon's 2:53 marathon was the fastest of the day and sealed the win with a new course record.
Matt Russell, who is still making his comeback after a horrific accident at the IRONMAN World Championships last October, showed he’s able to compete with the very best once again by finishing in third. Newcomer Andrew Talansky can now call himself a true IRONMAN after finishing his first full-distance event, coming in 6th and giving his young triathlon career a huge boost.
Here’s what the three had to say about the day:
Brent McMahon told us, "It was a very special win in Whistler that took a lot of hard work but I had a huge support crew there. The course on paper was very challenging but then the scorching heat and headwind along whole uphill portion made it brutal. It was one of or the toughest races I’ve had to endure.
"My legs were pretty smashed by the run and by 7km in I was focused on getting to one aid station at a time. I had pressure from fellow Canadian Jeff Symonds running the exact pace as me 6 minutes back so I knew I couldn’t falter. In the end, I suffered immensely in the last 3km to the finish and was in rough shape, but it was so great to see all my supporters at the line."
Matt Russell wrote this after the race, “When you bring back some hardware, flowers for the wife and some bubbly from # IMCanada, you know it’s a good day. The day started with a decent 2.4-mile non-wetsuit swim in Alto Lake, followed by the toughest 112-mile bike course I’ve ever raced with nearly 9000ft of climbing, topped off with a 90+ degree dirt/pavement 26.2-mile run. I think I came off the bike in 9th place and was able to climb myself up to 3rd place.
"The emotions came rolling out as I was finishing, followed by hugs from my wife and son. This has been quite the journey trying to get back. I’m still not 100% recovered from my accident 9 months ago as I still experienced some neck pain. However, I gritted through the pain and it’s a big step in the right direction. Never stop believing and thank you all for the continued support."
Andrew Talansky posted this on Instagram, “What a day. My first Ironman done in front of friends and family was an unforgettable experience. The range of emotions I experienced out there was insane. Despite having the best bike split I spent the last 20km of it thinking I might have to stop the race due to getting behind on hydration, I was dizzy, having chills and could hardly pedal.
“Then I thought of my son and the example I want to set for him. And of my wife who has sacrificed so much to support me in this new journey. And of all the people who believe in me. I changed my mindset and decided to at least start the run. 26.2 miles later I crossed the line in 7th [official results put him in 6th place] and officially became an Ironman. Today truly taught me that there are no limits except those we impose on ourselves.”

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