The World Champ Shares A Secret To Her Success

It’s not every day that an American wins the World Mountain Bike Championships. In fact, it had been 17 years since that had happened in women’s cross country. That all changed this past weekend when Kate Courtney pulled off the victory in Switzerland against the world’s very best riders.

At just 22 years old, and proud owner of a degree from Stanford, the future is only getting brighter for Courtney who spent the year traveling all over the globe chasing World Cup events, and even multi-day stage races such as South Africa’s Cape Epic. Courtney credits PR Lotion in helping her get through a long season while finding her best fitness when it mattered most, at the World Championships.

Photo: Red Bull- Paris Gore

She had this to say, “I was introduced to PR lotion by my coach Jim Miller and noticed an immediate difference in my training. After some testing, it became part of my routine and has been a part of my race day prep for the entire 2018 season. With reduced muscle fatigue, I am able to train harder and for more consecutive days - which makes a difference in my fitness.”

“From the start of the season getting through the grueling Cape Epic to my last race at the World Championships - it has been a part of helping me push my limits and chase that next level of performance.”

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