Rich Walters

"Here are a couple of quick updates from the team and the 12 hour race we raced a few weeks ago.

The Bicycle Company / No Tubes team had numerous 4 person teams, and like always we go out to get on the podium. I decided to race with the old man old school team which is a group of guys that I have been racing with since the early 90's. Throughout the years we have done numerous 12 and 24 hour races. Sadly they took away the over 200 age group combined which is what we used to race and win. So that said, we didn't expect to get on the podium. I assembled the "dream team" which is some of the fastest guys on the No Tubes Team to make sure we topped the podium as we have every race in the series so far.

The Bicycle Company / No Tubes wound up 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th. So 4 No Tubes Teams on top the podium and won the Zia Rides Series overall 4 person team. The "old man team" was 3rd and the team that Greg and Darin assembled was 4th but right on our heels. You will have to get testimony from Greg and his team as they were running faster laps than my guys but my fast laps kept us up somehow.

I used the Topical Edge for all 3 laps including the run. I am not a runner whatsoever. I try to hike a few times per week just for some cross training and to get ready for CX season. Somehow I was voted to do the "short" lemans style start to the bikes. I figured everyone would kill me on the run but was surprised to find myself 5th to the bike and 4th into the single track. Within the first 5 minutes I had reeled in the guy that was out in front. He is young and fast so I figured I should sit in and get my wits back and pull myself together. Within the next 10 minutes, 2 of the top riders in the state caught both of us and slowly started to pull away. It was then when I decided that was unacceptable so I went around the young guy and reeled both of them back in through the rocky single track in the woods. About 3/4 of the way through the lap, I was right on the wheels of the two guys but this is where the climbing on the course started which led us back to the finish. I slowly lost a bit of contact with them but could close the gap a bit during some of the techy sections. I wound up 3rd place on the first opening lap and had the 3rd fastest lap out of the whole race. I can tell you the Topical Edge works for me for sure, No doubt." - Rich

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