How Coaches Recommend Using PR Lotion During The Winter

On Black Friday, more orders of Topical Edge Performance & Recovery Lotion were placed than any other day in company history. That got us wondering, now that PR Lotion is in the hands of so many of you out there, and smack dab in the middle of winter, how do you plan to use it? Will you hold onto it until springtime for your first event of the year? Or maybe use it for just your hardest workout of the week?

Because of sodium bicarbonate’s proven ability to buffer acidity in the body during exercise, it’s not surprising that most users are after the performance benefits PR Lotion can provide on event day or for a key workout. Yet, as was shown in the clinical trial conducted at San Diego State University, some of the biggest gains actually come from the improved recovery it provides.

As elite athletes and coaches well know, the holy grail in training is quicker recovery; the faster you can recover the sooner you can get back to training. Imagine, you’re a cyclist or a runner and now your cross-training or gym routine doesn’t leave you sore and needing multiple days of recovery before you can train again.

We asked three multi-sport coaches how they recommend using PR Lotion to not just get through the winter months, but to actually continue making strength and fitness gains.

Adam Mills, Source Endurance

Pain is a very influential aspect of the negative feedback loop so the less sore you are the next day, the more you can push yourself to improve. PR Lotion has been shown to have 53% reduction in delayed onset muscle soreness the day following a hard workout, so that basically means you can return to higher intensity training the next day because recovery is more complete. If you're an endurance athlete in the gym for the winter, then it means you've basically been skipping arm day since...well, February, so this could help you get through those arm day workouts. If not arm workouts, just any sort of HIIT training or building.

Felipe Loureiro, Breakaway Training

The off-season is a very important part of any athlete's training; this is the time when training shifts to a different goal: building a stronger, injury-free body in order to prepare for going hard during the season. Incorporating a product like PR Lotion can be a key factor in achieving off season goals. I have my athletes use it before their gym workouts or cross training sessions to allow quicker recovery with reduced soreness and muscle fatigue.

Maddison Russell, CTS

During the long off-season months, when racing performance is not the main focus, PR Lotion is still beneficial for training and building fitness because it works as a great recovery aid. Athletes completing base mileage, key interval workouts on the trainer, and strength-based sessions can build up a significant amount of training stress. PR Lotion can help athletes recover quickly from these types of workouts, thus allowing them to fit more quality training into each week.

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