PR Lotion Users Share Their Stories

Each week we receive a number of testimonials that come to us through social media and email as users share their PR Lotion experience. The amount of feedback simply continues to grow as more athletes are finding out about the benefits PR Lotion can deliver in both performance and recovery. Some athletes mention how much better they feel the day following a century ride or a marathon, while others note less muscle burn during hard efforts. This kind of user feedback makes us proud, so we wanted to share a handful of the testimonials we've received.


This is not a "pickle juice" or a Sports Legs product - this is THE REAL DEAL. I do still use pickle juice when I ride as it just gives me the confidence that I really do not have to worry about cramping. Topical Edge is a game-changing product whether you are racing your bicycle for 8 hours or just training hard for a couple of hours. If you want to feel like you have fresh legs for your entire ride, and still be smiling after racing 20 miles and climbing 3,000 feet, just rub this on and pedal as hard as you want! - Michael Macare

Just finished the AIDS/Lifecycle ride and used Topical Edge every day and night after the rides. After 560 miles over 7 days, my legs feel great. Never had even the hint of a cramp. I think Topical Edge and good hydration keep me going strong each day. If I do it next year maybe you can sponsor me. - Allen Mecum


Love this product, I have permanent nerve damage in my leg and this lotion helps me run so much better. I use this before my runs and it's amazing!!! - Lone Matthews


I use it on all my bike rides and can push harder and longer. No soreness after the ride or the next morning. - Adam Lett


I’ve seen the testimonials from elite and pro level riders regarding the benefits of Topical Edge but was uncertain like most. I have 3 finishes at DK200 and heading into my 4th attempt in 2018, I gave Topical Edge a try a few weeks out before the race and noticed the legs did stay fresh remarkably longer on long training rides. I quickly ordered a second tube for DK as my plan was to apply abundantly before and at each of the 3 official checkpoints.
The legs felt remarkably fresh for the first 100 miles and I was able to battle the horrendous headwinds of the second 100 miles. I made the top 100 for the 1st time and it was a nice personal achievement. The biggest surprise came after the event. I had a week-long work conference in Las Vegas starting early Monday and was bracing for dragging myself around with heavy legs. To my surprise, I was walking around normal on Monday and felt fresh. It was almost like I hadn’t done anything at all. My recovery experience compared to the last 3 DK and this one is night and day. Yes, it works! - Dexter Pham
Photo: Gravel Guru


Love this product! I did my first century ride yesterday and legs felt great the whole ride and still feel great today! - Debbie Cox Cruz


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