PR Lotion User Testimonial: The North Shore Swim Series

Each week we receive a number of testimonials that come to us through social media and email as users share their PR Lotion experience. One of those testimonials was from Carl Dunaway who wrote in to tell us how PR Lotion helped him achieve an impressive performance during The North Shore Swim Series. The series consists of five open ocean swims and starts with a 1-mile race and increase in distance each event, with the last race being a 2.4-mile ocean swim called The Keawe Adventures North Shore Challenge.

“Believe me, I was a bit skeptical but after my first race and not feeling burnt out or having any serious muscle fatigue, I was a true believer. I'm truly amazed at how I feel afterward.

“Prior to my North Shore 2.4-mile Challenge Swim, as with the other four swims, I applied PR Lotion one hour before race start to my shoulders, arms, and calves. I exited the water feeling super good and totally stoked about my finish, I turned in my time chip and ran to my car to put my shoes on and run to the beginning of where the swim series all began and back to Waimea Bay, Oahu.

“Thanks to this product I'm able to push, excel and recover well. I'll say it's a win-win situation. I'm truly amazed and happy to have found PR Lotion.”


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