PR Lotion Helping Athletes In Hockey

Endurance athletes everywhere have turned to PR Lotion to fight fatigue and soreness, boost their performance, recover quicker than ever before, and do more of what they love. The elite-level athletes and world champions who have fondly referred to PR Lotion as the best kept secret in sport, have discovered recently that more and more of their fellow competitors are avid users and proponents of Amp Human Performance. However, within the sport of ice hockey, describing PR Lotion as a secret still very much applies - we want to change that. 

"PR Lotion is a game changer, and makes my muscles feel fresh and energized at times where they felt weak and tired in the past”, said Nick Luukko, captain of the Reading Royals.

Hockey is a physically demanding sport, game in and game out. It is played at a ridiculously-fast pace, with some players pushing speeds of 40 mph on the ice. The game is filled with high-intensity 30 to 45 second shifts containing all-out sprints, and heavy contact. It is a combination of explosive power, muscle strength, endurance, finesse, and mental capacity. 

The physical demands placed upon a hockey player during any specific game is one thing, but consider this: a professional player, between September and March, will play a minimum of 50 games. Add in on-ice practice 4-5 times a week for 45 to 90 minutes each, additional off-ice training, and the physical toll climbs beyond comprehension. 

Cam Johnson, New Jersey Devils NHL goaltender, and 2016 NCAA National Champion with University of North Dakota said, “PR Lotion is the best product that I’ve used for recovery. Whether I’m sore or something’s bothering me, this has been my answer. I feel as good as new everyday”

Recovery is paramount to any hockey player, and PR Lotion fights fatigue and soreness by reducing acid in our muscles simply by giving the body more of what it naturally uses to fight the acid – bicarbonate. Many professional and college hockey players, coaches, and trainers, have turned to PR Lotion just in the past few months to help them feel better from shift to shift, game to game, and practice to practice. Hockey is a sport of inches, and any advantage a player can gain over the other can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

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Photos courtesy of Andy Camp.

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