PR Lotion Clinical Trial Presented at ACSM Conference

This past Friday was an exciting day for Topical Edge, and one we’ve been looking forward to for quite some time. The clinical trial studying the effects of PR Lotion in athletes’ performance was presented at the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This is a huge validator for the efficacy of PR Lotion and the trial itself.

The annual ACSM Conference is the premier conference for everything Sports Medicine-related and is Internationally recognized as the place to hear leading experts and learn about the latest research in every aspect of sports medicine and exercise science. In addition, two abstracts will be published in the peer-reviewed journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise (MSSE), volume 50:5 supplement.

The clinical trial performed by Mark Kern PhD, RD at San Diego State’s Exercise & Nutritional Sciences Department had 20 elite cyclists undergo a series of tests over four visits to determine the impacts of sodium bicarbonate in a transdermal delivery system on exercise performance and Delayed Muscle Onset Soreness (DOMS). In the study, PR Lotion was shown to provide significant changes in athletes’ physiology. The trial white paper can be viewed here.

Results of the trial concluded that PR Lotion aids with:

  1. Faster recovery: From the first day to the second day following a series of short, intense efforts, subjects using PR Lotion experienced a 53.5% reduction in DOMS versus a continued rise in pain of 34.3% with control (p=0.007).
  1. Less taxing effort: Heart rate was 3 beats per minute (1.6%) lower versus control immediately after a 5-minute time trial of short, intense effort (p=0.031). The workload in the time trial was consistent across PR Lotion and control at 98 kJ. Heart rate was 3.1% lower and rate of perceived exertion was 2.6% lower measured 15 minutes into a 1-hour time trial (p=0.004, p=0.054). Lactate threshold and peak power in the 30-second sprint, and average watts and total work done in the 1-hour time trial all directionally favored PR Lotion over control.
  1. Robust buffering: Blood lactate was 11% higher for subjects using PR Lotion when compared to control by the end of the series of high-intensity tests.

Presentation of these trial results at the ACSM Conference is further validation of the findings and rigorous testing protocol that was followed. PR Lotion has proven to be a new way to supplement sodium bicarbonate without the side-effects of oral use.

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