PR Lotion Athlete Breaks Bicycle Land Speed Record

What would you consider fast on a bicycle? 50 mph? Maybe 60? For Denise Mueller-Korenek, the word fast doesn’t even get tossed around until the speeds hit triple digits. In fact, going into this past weekend, Denise was the fastest female on a bicycle having set the record of 147.7mph in 2016. Now, she owns the outright record as the fastest human on a bicycle after breaking the record this past Sunday with a top speed of 183.9mph on the Bonneville Salt Flats. 


Breaking the record has been years in the making, and required an enormous amount of planning and expertise to pull off. Denise, who comes from a cycling background and is a multi-time national champion, teamed up with her coach and former land speed record holder John Howard for the initial record attempt in 2016. After setting the women’s record, but falling short of the outright all-time fastest speed, the two went back to the drawing board with Project Speed and returned for another attempt armed with what they had learned two years ago. Some changes in equipment and training helped seal the record this time around with a staggering 183.9 mph top speed drafting behind the dragster.

Adding PR Lotion this time around helped Denise manage the training required for the short yet maximal effort required to accelerate up to top speed. “In preparing for breaking the ultimate paced bicycle land speed record, PR Lotion helped me push harder during my intense training so that I could push beyond my goal to set a new world record at 183.9mph!”
The idea of hitting those speeds on a bicycle is hard to even conceive, let alone doing it on salt. Before her attempt in 2016, Denise described what it was like during training out on the salt flats, “When going over 100 mph the salt becomes like a sandblaster”.

Because of the sheer number of safety concerns, Denise wore a modified motorcycle suit with Kevlar, in addition to a full face motorcycle helmet with shield, just in case things didn’t quite go as planned. The KHS bike used is a one-off design made just for the extreme demands of the record run. Fortunately, everything went to plan and Denise’s new record will likely remain for quite some time.

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