Athlete Profile: “Workout Warrior” Patrick Dixon

There’s no denying that up to this point we’ve focused much of our attention on endurance sports. Cycling, running, and triathlon have proven the real-world usage benefits of Topical Edge Performance & Recovery and backed up the data from clinical trials. Even with the overwhelming focus on those sports, the fact is, Topical Edge PR is hardly an endurance-sport specific product. The sodium bicarbonate, lactate buffering lotion’s ability to decrease Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness the day following a series of short, intense efforts, makes it ideal for HIIT and cross fit athletes, and even the workout warrior.

One such athlete is Patrick Dixon, an early Topical Edge PR adopter after having tried it when it first became available last year; he now includes it into all of his workouts. Dixon said, “I’ve been involved in college athletics as an athlete and sports performance professional for 18 years. I know my body and what it should feel like after a hard day in the weight room or running hills. Topical Edge has without a doubt decreased my next day soreness and improved my ability to keep going after the first mile.”

As the Assistant Athletic Director – Sports Performance at Loyola Marymount University, Dixon spends a lot of time around the weight room, but since that’s part of his job, it doesn’t mean he necessarily has all the time he wants to workout. Dixon told us he views himself as a workout warrior that enjoys the grind, yet at 38 years old, and with constraints on his time, getting the most productive workout and recovering to do it again the following day are his most important things.

We asked Patrick Dixon about his workout routine and how Topical Edge plays a part.

What does your daily workout routine consist of?

Patrick: I really enjoy circuits because they keep me honest and maximize the time put into a workout. I have limited time to train, often times only 45-60 minutes for a workout, so I need to be efficient. I’ll begin with five minutes rolling out on a foam roller for a myofascial release before getting into circuits where I’ll load a bar with 30 kilos and put seven workouts on the board. Shoulder press, front squat, Romanian dead lift, bent over row, and reverse lunge will all be part of the circuit. I’ll do 25 seconds on, 8 seconds off; and with seven or eight exercises, it ends up being a 4 to 5-minute block. Between blocks, there will be a longer recovery period before starting the next one, and by the end of the fourth block my heart rate is up high and every muscle has been worked. It’s an elite workout in less than an hour.

Do you do anything specific outside of the gym?

Patrick: Most of my workout time might be spent on circuits, but I think adding in other things is important. Yoga is part of my schedule two or three times a week, plus 50 pushups when I get up in the morning, in addition to a consistent stretching routine to stay loose. I add in a lot of treadmill work, such as sprint workouts and setting it at a 12% incline while wearing a 20-pound weight vest.

What specifically have you found to be the biggest benefit in using Topical Edge in your workouts?

First off, the fact that it’s completely natural and not invasive or hormonal is a big deal. Sodium bicarbonate isn’t anything novel, it’s that they’ve figured out a way to get it into the system without the GI distress that oral use causes. The cool part is when you know your body well enough and are in tune with changes–from the first time I used it I felt it immediately. I can do the treadmill with 12% incline while wearing a 20-pound weight vest and my legs feel fine, that’s not normal. I really beat the crap out of my body and using Topical Edge makes my workouts easier to get through. After using Topical Edge, I can’t imagine going into an intense workout without having it on.

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