Topical Edge in Paceline Podcast #44

In Paceline Podcast episode 44:

The Grand Tours and the UCI are headed for a showdown over team size. The Tour de France, Giro and Vuelta have decided to reduce the number of riders per team from nine to eight. The problem is, the organizers did not talk to the UCI first. And the teams were not consulted either. Really? You mean to tell us there is dysfunction in world of professional cycling?

We also talk about a transgender woman who has finished first at the Tour de Tuscon. She is completely open about her status and completely behind a movement to get more acceptance in organized events and racing.

We salute the Dirty Kanza for setting aside 20 percent of their DK200 entries for women. And they are doing more by helping female athletes get ready for one of the most grueling, gravel events anywhere.

The Baggies vs. Lycra debate is our featured segment. Do we settle it? Not really. But we do hear from a new clothing company that walks the line between form fitting and comfort when it comes to shorts.

Patrick introduces us to something to rub on your legs that could help with the limitations of lactic acid. It is called Topical Edge and we have an interview with a company team member who says they have data that shows improved performance.

Our Paceline Picks feature one bad ass bike rack, a winning bike bought entirely on Ebay and book about an American bike hero.

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