Haute Route Mount Ventoux

South East London resident, Jim Cotton, completed the Haute Route Mount Ventoux earlier this year and used Topical Edge during each stage to help him finish 21st overall.

"Using Topical Edge before each ride to protect my muscles from the acidic effects of lactic and save the mitochondria from the debilitating damage that leads to DOMs meant that I was able to perform day after day, producing PBs (personal bests) through the race. I think for me, that’s where the lotion was most valuable – the way in which it boosts recovery. The lactic buffering properties on the road were also invaluable for sure, particularly when the action kicked off in the bunch and hard acceleration and big efforts were required to hold wheels – an activity that is deeply anaerobic and painful."

Check out the full race report and Topical Edge review on his blog, the Mountain Mutton