Al Horford’s Recovery Routine

Al Horford is poised for a big season, his first with the 76ers. Being physically and mentally ready each time you step on the court is vital, and a big part of that is how an athlete recovers. We caught up with Al for some insight into his own recovery routine, and how he is preparing his body for a long season and deep playoff run.

Q: How did you learn about PR Lotion and what was the ah-ha moment when you knew it needed to be part of your routine?

A: While speaking with my trainer about ways to enhance my recovery speed, PR lotion was brought up as an option. After trying it out the first time following back-to-back games, I knew it needed to be implemented into my daily recovery routine. 

“When I recover faster, I am able to perform better both on and off the court. Speeding up my recovery process gives me the time to be more present. It is about improving my game as well as taking care of my body. Recovering quickly enables a life I love on and off the court.” 

Q: What does it do for you as an athlete? 

A: PR Lotion allows me to show up both physically and mentally ready before every practice and game. Without the fatigue, aches and soreness, I’m more prepared for the next game. 

Q: What general tips and tricks do you rely on to recover after a hard game or workout? 

A: I am a big believer in taking care of my body immediately after my workout or game. I have also utilized PR lotion in my post game massages. 


Q: Do you have a recovery routine? If so, what is it? How is Amp Human a part of that?

A: I think about recovery before my game or workout even begins. I use PR Lotion in both my pre-game and post-game routines. The first thing I think about as I walk off the court is how I am going to help my body recover the fastest. I pride myself on my body, and being able play a full NBA season and go deep into the playoffs.

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