Jrue Holiday’s Secrets to Staying at Peak Performance

Jrue Holiday has been putting in some serious work this off-season. Preparation is very high on his priority list, and we caught up with Jrue to dive into his off-season training, and how he stays on top of his game through tough workouts and a grueling season.

Q: How did you learn about PR Lotion and what was the ah-ha moment when you knew it needed to be part of your routine?

A: I learned about PR lotion through the advice of my trainer. I tried the lotion after an intense off-season workout and felt better than ever the next day! That’s when I knew it had to be part of my recovery routine. I’ve learned that you can’t just train hard; I need to train smart and it has been amazing to see the results. 

“After almost a decade in the league, I’ve learned what works to keep me at the top of my game. PR Lotion is a total game changer for me at this stage in my career” 

Q: After almost a decade playing in the league, what does it take to stay on top of your game season after season? 

A: It takes years of experience combined with consistency and discipline with my training. I’ve learned over time the best way to take care ofmybody. Playing well in the season and post-season starts with my preparation in the off-season.

During this past off-season, I’ve been implementing PR Lotion into my daily workout routine and it’s been unbelievable to see how fast the results have helped me.


Q: How do you feel when you use PR Lotion in training? 

A: It makes me feel like I can always do more. I’m always ready for the next drill or exercise and I’m confident I’m going to get the most out of my body. 

Q: And how does it help you in games?

A: It keeps my focus on the game instead of on how my body feels. 

Q: Favorite workout? 

A: Every Friday during the off-season we have fun Friday workouts in sand dunes. It has already been a grueling week and these are both fun and challenging workouts. Using PR Lotion after a long week is the best way to recover for the weekend and prepare for the next week to get better.