TrainRight Podcast: Pushing the Limits of Potential

On this TrainRight Podcast, Coach Adam Pulford interviews 2 time USC Captain, former NFL Lineman and CEO of Amp Human Jeff Byers. They dive into the details on how Amp Human is pushing the boundaries of human potential and performance through research and development of products to take our bodies farther than ever.

If you have been wondering why all the talk about PR Lotion amongst your peers or elsewhere in social media, this podcast will answer many of those questions. Does it actually work? Where is the research? Who is using PR Lotion? Learn how PR Lotion optimizes performance and enhance recovery for every individual by utilizing the essential electrolyte, sodium bicarbonate.

Listen to the full podcast:

TrainRight Podcast:
Jeff Byers: Helping Push The Limits Of Human Performance
MAY 04, 2020 SEASON 1 EPISODE 16
Episode Highlights:
  • Optimizing performance
  • Removing performance limiters
  • Muscle acidosis
  • How Amp Human PR Lotion uses bicarb to fight fatigue and enhance recover

*Disclosure: Amp Human is a partner of CTS.

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