Giuseppe Ciuffa

"Legs are legs, bikes are bikes, Topical Edge takes care of the rest for a great pain free performance." - Giuseppe

About Giuseppe

Giuseppe Ciuffa is founder and CEO of Giuseppe Fine Restaurants & Catering. Outgoing yet highly focused, seemingly carefree yet often seen biting his nails worrying over the placement of a table dressing or garnish on a plate, Giuseppe is both health conscious and food obsessed as only a native Italian could be. If it has to do with him, it must be the greatest, the most nutritious, the most delicious… and more. Ordinary is not enough. It must be extraordinary.

Giuseppe is a man of many strong passions—a die-hard triathlete, a popular spinning instructor, an avid surfer, husband, father and patron of the arts. He is an active member of the philanthropic community, personally supporting organizations such as Challenged Athletes Foundation through the Million Dollar Challenge ride and other triathlons. He is a board member of PEERS Network, a group of CEOs that focuses on local philanthropy and business growth.

Photo credit: Anna Buster

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