PR Lotion FAQ's, Answered by the Pros

We're dedicating February to FAQ's about PR Lotion to send you into spring training in style. Instead of hearing from us, you'll get the scoop from athletes of all kinds who won't train without it. All month long, we hope to deliver useful information to get the most from PR Lotion and your training goals this year. 


Is PR Lotion only for professional athletes?

We like to say that PR Lotion is "the pros secret weapon", but it's not just for the pros. PR Lotion is for anyone with muscles that are getting worked because you're getting after it. Jenn Ryan, athlete at Invictus Fitness and professional nutritionist, advises that PR Lotion is for athletes at every level. 


Is PR Lotion for races, training, or both?

Is PR Lotion for training or for races? According to professional triathletes Lucy Charles-Barclay and Reece Barclay, BOTH. Watch the video to learn more about how they use PR Lotion to make training gains through improved recovery and also to show up on competition day. 


Does PR Lotion and Bicarb work?

The most common question we receive is does PR Lotion and bicarb actually work? Former Olympian and professional triathlete Cam Wurf has been experimenting with drinking bicarb since he was in high school ... he was skeptical at first that a lotion could deliver the benefits he relies on. Let's just say, he has strong opinions on the subject. Watch the video to get Cam's take on PR Lotion. (spoiler: "This stuff really works")