Finding your WHY

The New Year resolutions have come, for many they are gone, or they are on the verge of being over. How do we make this the year that we keep our goals? How do we find our WHY? 

Something inside us lead us to whatever goal it was we put down on Paper. If you didn't put it down on Paper I highly suggest, you write it down, big bold letters, and put it on your mirror, your fridge, in your shower, in your car, and on your dog. Okay maybe the dog is too far, but if you continually see your goal, you wont forget it and you will make time.

I also might push you to put your why next to it. My WHY? What do you mean? Glad you asked. For millions of Americans this year might be the year they lose that 20 lbs that had kept them from playing soccer with their children. It could be managing their diabetes so they can live a full life without needles and little strips. Maybe, it's your 20 year class reunion and you just want Sally the Prom Queen to be like, Oh Snap! when she sees you. 

Okay, well how do I put my why next to my goal. Well, how about a picture of you and your children playing in the yard. It might be an activity you used to do before you struggled with weight. Or it might just be hanging that little black dress, that doesn't quite fit yet, by your mirror. You will continually remind yourself of your why. 

If you are someone who has an athletic goal, post that time or distance up. Do a contract down. Put up a picture next to it, hopefully with a big ol' smile, of you doing that event or sport next to it. You'll never lose track of that goal. 

Sometimes the progress doesn't seem to be coming. If it was a weight-loss goal, don’t look at the scale measure yourself with a Body Caliper, Tape, or a cool Bio Impedance scale. Remember weight is irrelevant. You might have gained as much muscle as you have lost weight. The tale of the tape is much more revealing. Go ahead, I bet you have made more progress than you think.

The workouts, well those are starting to get boring, huh? Well, here are a few Running Workouts that can spice up a running program. I have aptly named my workouts after some female friends from the past. They remind me of them in one way or another, we will just leave it at that. 

Micah: Targets your VO2 Max Abilities

WU: 1 mi @ 75% of your Threshold Pace

MS: 8 x 400m @ 115% of your Threshold Pace

90s Rest Intervals in between (if you want you can jog that 90s or walk)

CD: 1 mi @ 75% of your Threshold Pace 

Kendra: (Great Run to Target your Race Pace and Tempo)

WU: 1 mi @ 70% of your Threshold Pace

MS: Repeat 2x

400m @ 80% Threshold Pace

400m @ 85% Threshold Pace

400m @ 90% Threshold Pace

400m @ 95% Threshold Pace

1 mi @ 90% Threshold Pace

800m @ 70% Threshold Pace

CD: 800m @ 70% Threshold Pace 

Well, that’s all and great, but what in the world is Threshold Pace. Great question! This is one of the ways PR Lotion can help you very quickly achieve your goals. Threshold Pace is the pace/HR which your body can effectively manage metabolic waste for extended periods of time. I actually test this often with myself and clients so I can make sure we are doing workouts as effectively as possible. To conduct a Threshold test just start with a good 10 minute warmup at a very easy pace. We just want to get the blood flowing. Then walk or rest for 5 minutes. Now the fun part. Run for 30 minutes at the fastest, most consistent pace, you can hold. Don’t start to fast, don’t start to slow, try to keep same pace the whole time. You should be just exhausted at the end if you did it right. Then, look back at the last 20 minutes of your run. The average pace of the 20 min and the average HR is your Threshold Pace and a good estimate of your Lactate Threshold HR. These are great metrics to understand for your training.

It's also how #PRLotion can help you achieve  your goals faster. By buffering lactate with bicarb you can push faster and harder but still recover faster for the next day.

That’s super awesome, but I lift heavy things in the gym, that running stuff is for skinny people. Okay, I feel you. How do you get jazzed for the gym. Well, as an Endurance Athlete (skinnypeople, ☹) I do not like the gym, but I know it is an important aspect of training. Through targeted workouts, I’ve dropped nearly 25s of my 100m swim time. Yeah, plus about 75,000 yds of extra swimming but I digress. When you are getting those reps in and your hitting your limit, you are cells are reaching their peak. #PRLotion can help you push out 1 or 2 more max weight reps, or an extra set of an endurance workout. So you can essentially get stronger faster and fight DOMS so you can get back in the gym quicker.

You’ve stuck with it this far and you can make this year the year you stay with it. Sometimes, habit is the best way to keep something alive. I know, when I prep my gear for the morning, bike gear, goggles, or running shoes, it’s time to get work done. That even feeds the night before when I am getting my stuff ready. I see my workout in my head, I see myself crushing the workout. I do the same when I put on my #PRLotion. I mentally prepare myself for some awesome training. Maybe it will do the same for you.
We at Amp Human are extremely lucky to have this real wold insight from Company First Sergeant with Dog Company 2/58th Infantry and coach of @archangel_endurance Justin Kline. Thank you Justin!

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