Fighting on the Front lines of COVID-19 (with a little help from PR Lotion)

"I am part of the COVID-19 response at the Javits Convention Center in New York City, NY. Our days are demanding, physically and cognitively. It has become a delicate balance between getting enough sleep, eating healthy, exercising, and using any state-of-the-art science & technology "hack" to stay focused, sane, and healthy. PR Lotion is part of my daily routine. I have been using PR Lotion for the last nine months as an elite CrossFit athlete. As an older elite athlete a day closer to 40, I do not recover like my 25 year-old self. I also do not have the ability to push to maximal effort and recover from "redlining" like I used to. However, this has changed since using PR Lotion and I have objective data to show. Knowing that PR Lotion has helped me as an elite athlete, I knew it would have similar performance-optimizing effects as an elite scientist called to arms to support the international COVID-19 response.


I have been applying PR Lotion every morning before going to Javits and often again in the evening after I am doing a workout demanding of neuromuscular endurance. Despite the constant underlying stress of working in a COVID-19 environment and living in the epicenter of the pandemic, I feel cognitively astute and high energy at most hours of the day. I am a chronic caffeine user and to be honest, I haven't had the need to use caffeine as a cognitive performance enhancer much out here. It could be the PR Lotion replacing my need for caffeine. Also, as my background in molecular biology would tell me, the alkalinity effects of PR Lotion - which is the underlying reason why it helps athletes pusher harder and recovery faster - may lesson COVID-10 viral replication and amplification because it is difficult for viruses to thrive in a more alkaline state. This "hack" alone is enough for me to continue use."

CPT Allison J Brager, PhD

Chief, Javits COVID-19 Response Laboratory

Task Force "Silver Dragon"

Javits New York Medical Station

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