Watch: Curtis Keene, Enduro Mountain Bike Racer on PR Lotion

A professional enduro racer for Specialized, Topical Edge Ambassador Curtis Keene has been racing mountain bikes for nearly 20 years. To race at the top, Curtis needs speed in his legs like a cross-country racer, to go with the explosiveness required of a downhill pro. A true mountain bike hybrid skill set.

Ultimately, his first introduction to our PR Lotion was initiated by his desire to better his best in training for the race season ahead, but he's found benefits post-workout too.

"For me it's been huge for recovery, it's allowed me to put in the bigger weeks and more volume. It definitely keeps me fresher, allowing myself to work the next day. If I'm riding, it's part of my routine. Getting ready, fueling up, 30 minutes before putting it on, go out there and put in the work."

Watch more from him below:

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