COVID-19: A Message from Jeff Byers and Erica Good

We want to take the time to connect with you during this difficult time. We hope that each and every one of you and your families are safe and healthy and that you can continue to stay motivated.

Why we founded Amp Human
We created Amp Human because we believe that when our bodies are at their best, we’re at our overall best. While most of you know us for PR Lotion, our mission has always been to optimize the human body across not just sport, but also wellness, and to continually innovate to overcome the limitations of the human body.

Exercise is more important than ever
In the coming months, most of us will have limited opportunities to compete and some restrictions on our ability to exercise. But, as the athletes we all are, it’s important that we continually adapt, improve and progress in any way we can. We believe in the power of moving our bodies and maintaining progress toward our goals as ways to keep our spirits strong during this crisis. We applaud the efforts of so many who have found creative ways to keep their bodies moving while minimizing potential transmission and look forward to sharing these stories.

We’re here for you
Whenever you’re ready to train hard again, now or in the future, PR Lotion is here. In the meantime, Amp Human is here to support and grow the community and continue to be part of your lives. We look forward to bringing you relevant information from our athletes and world class scientific board and look forward to supporting your broader health concerns and athletic goals in the future.

Thank you for your continued trust in us and we look forward to seeing you at virtual events this year. Please never hesitate to reach out to us.

Remember to train and recreate responsibly,
Jeff & Erica

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