Celebrating Father's Day: How Fatherhood Reshaped Andrew Talansky

Andrew Talansky has many things in life to be proud of. He’s currently a professional triathlete, a former top-10 overall finisher at the Tour de France, and most important of all, a dad. We asked him what was his Father’s Day was going to consist of and how fatherhood has reshaped him as an athlete.

For Father’s Day, Andrew’s second as a dad, the plans are rather lowkey. “We’ll keep it pretty relaxed and just enjoy the day,” Andrew said. “We’ll get Bodhi outside for a bit since he loves being in the yard. And as long as he’s happy I’m happy!”


For many professional athletes, becoming a parent often means re-thinking how to best balance their career with family considerations. Andrew’s approach was more extreme than most as he attributes his switch from pro road cycling, which kept him away from his family for weeks at a time, to the sport of triathlon.

“Two years ago I wouldn’t have expected to be where I am now, but Bodhi helped set me on a track to a sport that I love,” Talansky told us. “I come home from training and he doesn’t care if it was a great day or a bad day, he still loves me. You get wrapped up in your world as an athlete and it seems like the end all be all, but since Bodhi was born it puts sport into perspective and it’s just a piece of who I am. I’m also a husband and a father.”

Happy Father’s Day, Andrew, and every dad out there.

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