PR Lotion Approved As Natural Health Product In Canada

Amp Human has received approval by Health Canada (Natural and Non-prescription Health Products Directorate(NNHPD)) to launch PR Lotion in Canada. The approval follows an in-depth safety and efficacy review of PR Lotion and its ingredients by NNHPD.

As a result of the regulatory approval, PR Lotion will be available as a Natural Health Product in Canada. Per NNHPD definition, Natural Health Products are "naturally occurring substances that are used to restore or maintain good health.” PR Lotion is the first and only product to receive regulatory approval for the use of sodium bicarbonate, a naturally occurring electrolyte, as an active ingredient for sports recovery.

Amp Human’s patent-pending transdermal technology allows bicarbonate to pass through the skin and reach active muscles, neutralizing the acid created by muscles as a by-product when athletes work at their limit. As the NNHPD's oversight also noted, bicarbonate helps athletes recover by reducing the chemical stress in muscles that causes muscle soreness.

"Approval by the Canadian government is a big step for Amp Human,” says Jeff Byers, CEO and Co-Founder, Amp Human and retired NFL Player. "Their independent oversight confirms that bicarb, our active ingredient, safely reduces post-exercise muscle soreness and increases athletic performance.”

“It was a pleasure working with Health Canada during this approval process,” said Doug Janzen, Head of Amp Human’s International Division. “Our approval by government regulatory bodies across North America not only means we can now provide Canadian athletes access to our technology, but look forward to a future where it’s available to athletes everywhere.”

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