Behind the Scenes of Cirque Series

Julian Carr is a pro-skier living in Salt Lake City, and is best known for jumping off massive cliffs, like local Wolverine Cirque in the Wasatch Mountains, and a 210' cliff in Engleberg, Switzerland. In the off season, he used to turn to Mountain Biking to stay in shape. That was, until he got his dog, Lexie. He couldn't take her on most rides, so he started running with her on mountain trails near his home.

As he grew to love the sport, he started looking for races that involved summiting peaks in mountain settings. The problem was, he couldn't find any. Cirque Series was born out of a love for the mountains and the community that lives in them, and this Saturday at Snowbird Mountain Resort, it finishes its 4th year as the premiere mountain running series in the U.S.A.

Amp Human has been a proud sponsor of the series this year, and we caught up with Julian to ask him how Cirque Series has impacted him and the mountain running community.

Q: How has Cirque Series fostered an environment that helps all of its participants push their limits?

A: "I'm a strong believer in all-inclusive vibes. Friendly but super challenging for everyone regardless of your skill level. Our races are designed with a simple concept all humans can relate to... go summit a peak as quick as you can, & come back down. Everyone starts at the same time, everyone reaches their level of red-line on fitness, and it's not easy for anyone. Then we come back down and celebrate the challenge.

Q: What stands out to you from race to race?

A: "Literally every race I am touched by many people, by the way they are breaking through a barrier, whether high performance physically, mentally, or emotionally. It's truly inspiring to feel the energy at the finish line - genuine happiness, hugs, smiles, high-fives.. It's very motivating to see so many people push themselves through barriers."

Q: What has been the most rewarding experience and/or lesson you've seen in the five years you've organized this event?

A: "It makes me proud when an avid runner comes up to me, someone that says they've been a competitive runner for a couple decades participating in dozens of races and some of them tell me they think the Cirque Series is most well organized/fun event they've ever done. That is very rewarding.

I'd say the people that are very nervous about the race, their first ever race, maybe even the first peak they've ever hiked, then see them in the finish line beaming with energy and sense of accomplishment, then to see them back at more races and out on the trails in Salt Lake City where I live is an incredible feeling.

It's highly motivating to keep throwing great races. I am also my first happy customer at every race, I love running the races myself, and I still have a ton of fun.


Image: @fearnowka on Instagram

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