Back to the Basics: Topical Edge Introduction

We’ve all experienced the pain before. The pain that comes when the mind wants the legs and body to keep pushing, but when the body says enough is enough and just gives up. No matter the blood, sweat and tears put into training, everyone’s body has a limit. When that limit is reached is unknown until arrival. Once that line is crossed, there is no going back. What if we could push that line a little farther away and make that shutdown effect a little harder to reach?

Every athlete knows that the feeling of lactic acid build-up described above is their worst enemy when it comes to performance during a race or training. It leads to pain, fatigue, soreness, muscle cramps and the inability to push on.

Did you know that that sodium bicarbonate is acid’s worst enemy? By reason of deduction, it becomes your muscles best friend. Yes, the exact same sodium bicarbonate that is commonly known as baking soda and is a staple in the kitchen. The more sodium bicarbonate in and around your muscles, the less lactic acid and the happier your muscles are. What do happy muscles do? They perform. When your muscles perform, you achieve the results you’ve been looking for.

However, the issue of delivering sodium bicarbonate to the muscles is a tricky one. They want and need more during exercise, but oral and injection methods are inefficient, impractical and nasty. There hasn’t been a good way to get your muscles the sodium bicarbonate they need during physical exertion, until now...

The solution? Applying sodium bicarbonate in topical form.

Introducing Topical Edge. By combining sodium bicarbonate and menthol with patented and proprietary topical delivery technology developed for medical use we can make your muscles happy again. Train harder, stay competitive longer and recover faster all in a safe and effective topical delivery method. Topical Edge can push that threshold a little farther out of reach from acid taking over. Beat acid, push your body’s limits and get the edge you’ve been looking for.

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