Athlete Testimonial: Brooke Bowen Battles Fatigue With PR Lotion

Brooke Bowen is an Obstacle Course Racing athlete the competes for Team RFT Coaching Pro OCR. For Brooke, recovering from each workout isn’t always easy when pushing her body to prepare for what she’ll have to face on course. She gave us a glimpse of how PR Lotion allows her to recover faster.

“In addition to using PR Lotion before workouts, I also apply it to sore muscles before bed. When I've woken up to train early I've been surprised that my soreness wasn't as bad I expected. I recently had one of the best experiences with applying it before bed. I ran first thing in the morning and thought the day would be a struggle, then went to the gym after my run and blasted my legs. I kept feeling surprised that my legs just kept going. I had max squats at the end and I actually stopped after 500 mostly because my feet were cramping. Crazy!”

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