Archangel Fitness Says Re-Think Your Running Training Plan

Archangel Fitness Head Coach Justin Kline provides his insight on how to improve your running training by adding in a mix of cycling and swimming to stay fresh and get the most of your key workouts.

The common misconception about training is that you have to just destroy your body every day in order to get better. That could not be further from the truth. Yes, there are days that will just crush your soul, but those are the minority.

Most days should be spent at low intensity, training correct form. The vast majority of elite and pro level endurance athletes have a program that breaks down to about 80% low intensity (HR Zone 2 or lower) to about 20% high intensity (HR Zone 4 or higher).

The days that you are training at high intensity are the perfect days to incorporate PR Lotion into the workout since you are stressing the systems that deal with lactic acid and excess metabolic waste. You stress these systems just enough that they have to work hard, then you back off and let them recover.

The weekly program is broken down into three days of actual running. The days in between are perfect days to incorporate some low or no impact aerobic exercise. Jumping on the bike for a 60 - 80-minute spin, or hitting the pool for 35 - 45 minutes, is a perfect way to exercise the aerobic system without adding extra stress to the joints. Here is an example week of training for someone preparing for a 10K road race that hits all three systems and should not only increase aerobic capacity but also your ability to maintain race pace.


Track Work - approximately 35 - 45 minutes of training

  • 10 minute Warm Up
  • 6 x 400m @ 10% above Threshold Pace with a 2:1 rest period
  • 5-10 minute Cool Down


80 minutes of cycling at a low intensity or 45 minutes of RPE (see chart below) 4 Swimming


Cruise Intervals - approx 45 - 55 minutes of training

  • 10 minute Warm Up
  • 3 x 1 mile @ Race Pace +30s with a 1 minute rest period
  • 5 - 10 minutes of light running Cool Down


80 minutes of cycling at a low intensity or 45 minutes of RPE 4 swimming


Long run - estimated finish time plus + 20%

  • Example: estimated finish of 50 minutes + 12 minutes (20%)
  • 62 minutes @ HR Zone 2 or lower

Weekly Breakdown

80 minutes at high intensity = 26%

225 minutes of low intensity = 74%

305 total training minutes

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