Amp Human Partners With USA Nordic

Amp Human Performance is happy to announce a new partnership with USA Nordic. This is a sensational partnership which strives towards athletic success, something both organizations take very seriously.

“We are really excited to partner with Amp Human Performance to be able to provide our athletes with their flagship product, PR Lotion, which is an extremely innovative way to push themselves even harder and recover faster!” says Bill Demong, Olympic gold medalist and Executive Director of USA Nordic.

PR Lotion, helps athletes maximize their workouts, do more of what they love, and come back strong the next day–by neutralizing acid in their muscles with bicarb. Trusted by the world’s best teams and athletes, PR Lotion is used before working out to help athletes push their bodies further.

“We are proud to partner with and support USA Nordic and their athletes as they continue to represent the USA, win more titles and maximize their training.  Supporting the world’s best athletes and teams is foundational to our mission and USA Nordic is an incredible representation of the world’s best due to the extreme demands of this sport,” says Jeff Byers, CEO and Co-Founder, Amp Human Performance and retired NFL Player.

USA Nordic athlete Taylor Fletcher has been a fan of PR Lotion for quite some time, “It is a product that gives me an edge for the next day, as it helps my legs recover. I also really like to use it before races to warm up. The best part, it’s a certified for sport product.”

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