Amp Human and EF Education First Pro Cycling Team Announce Partnership

PARK CITY, UTAH, (April 8, 2019) Amp Human, the creators of the revolutionary sports product PR Lotion, is proud to announce its partnership with the UCI WorldTour pro cycling team, EF Education First, for the 2019 season. PR Lotion is proven to help athletes maximize every workout, ride or adventure and recover faster, by simply giving the body what it naturally uses to reduce acid: bicarb.

“The innovative products by Amp Human fit with the philosophy of the team in developing new performance solutions to support recovery and performance of elite athletes. Helping to alkalize the muscle can improve the buffering of the acid produced during high intensity exercise which may help support performance and recovery,” says Nigel Mitchell, EF Education First Pro Cycling Team Head of Nutrition. 

PR Lotion helps athletes maximize their workouts, do more of what they love, and come back strong the next day–by neutralizing acid in their muscles with bicarb. Trusted by the world’s best teams and athletes, PR Lotion is used before working out to help athletes push their bodies further.  

“We are proud to partner with and support EF Education First Pro Cycling and their athletes to win more races and maximize their training. Supporting the world's best athletes and teams is foundational to our mission and EF Education First Pro Cycling is an incredible representation of the world’s best,” says Jeff Byers, CEO and Co-Founder, Amp Human and retired NFL Player. 

About Amp Human:

Amp Human is pioneering a completely new and trusted category of tools to maximize human capacity.  We’re for those seeking to get more from their body to do more of what they love.  Their flagship product is PR Lotion, which is the sports lotion you apply before heading out that helps you get more from every workout and adventure, and recover faster so you can come back strong the next day. Proven by science, trusted by the world's best and guaranteed to all types of athletes the ability to get more from every workout and feel better the next day. It’s uniquely engineered to use bicarb to neutralize the acid that builds up in your muscles when you train hard. Trusted by the world's top pros and built for all of us. For more information about Amp Human and PR Lotion, please visit

About EF Education First

EF Education First is an international education company that focuses on language, academics, and cultural experience. Founded in 1965, EF has more than 580 offices and schools in over 50 countries. Moved by the powerful way cycling unites people of diverse backgrounds as a peaceful, fun, and friendly way to achieve extraordinary athletic feats, EF entered professional cycling in 2018 to help spread its mission of “opening the world through education.” 


Photo credit: Harry Dowdney


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