Adam Pinkston

"After 54 years in this planet and many of those either running/riding competitively, I tend to approach anything new with skepticism. But I have to say after my last omnium for the season, I found out that Topical Edge works!

With my fitness level a bit down and some strong teammates, I figured I would do my best at just doing some hard work helping the team put some guys on the podium. The two days of racing were crazy hot.

With a short explosive effort in the TT Saturday morning, followed by a downtown crit in the middle of the day got me in the red early. My job at the crit was keep things together early and then take as many flyers as I could to thin down the group for the faster finishers on my team. Found myself at the front with a lap to go and just buried myself. Really expected with the high temps and lack of speed work for my legs to feel like mush at the end. I have to say, I was wasted but my legs were okay. Knew I had a very hilly 45+ road race in the heat of the day Sunday would be the true answer if Topical Edge was really working or not.

After going to the front in the very first long climb and trying to stay away and make other teams chase me all day. I again found myself doing a large amount of work at the head of the peloton for my teammate who was sitting second overall. Just staying on the front putting out the watts best I could all the way to the foot of the final 3.5 mile climb that averages 8% but has a section of 18%. So I figured once there - day done and it would be survival mode to get to the finish. Totally spent and dehydrated I unzipped my jersey and expected the worse. But I just got into my pain cave - rode my own tempo and waited for the cramps I knew were coming. Not one of my faster climbs. But I was able just to keep the legs turning and actually held on to a decent finish to put myself 3rd on the podium in the Masters 50/60. Felt like I was bleeding from my eyes, but never had a single twinge of leg cramps. Without the longer ride in my legs, I have to give the credit to Topical Edge. I applied it to both legs before all races and it works. Simple application and I'm done. I like that process a lot.

I plan to keep using it through the off season in some gravel grinders and long training rides. Already recommending it to my teammates in cyclocross. Can't thank you enough for turning me on to this. Really good stuff!" - Adam

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