Ironman Champion Triathlete Provides 3 Tips For Success

Multi-time IRONMAN 70.3 champion and professional triathlete Alicia Kaye started 2018 off with a bang with a win at IRONMAN 70.3 Bariloche in Argentina. The result is a testament to the hard work she’s put in over the winter, in addition to preparations that involve more than simply improving fitness. She shares three tips that have helped her find success at the top of the sport.

1- Make packing lists. With all of the gear involved in our sport, it’s easy to forget a small detail or a big one! About 8 years ago I made a domestic and international packing list for races to ensure I didn’t forget anything important. I keep it as a document on my computer and then print one out before each trip. I have an additional list for race day to make sure I don’t forget to bring anything important to the race venue.

2- Practice open water swimming. Nothing simulates open water swimming like open water swimming. No amount of swimming in a pool is even remotely close to the unique stressors that you will face in open water. Be sure to practice sighting, buoy turns, swimming near others, breathing on both sides and practice swimming in whatever you will race in (race suit, swim skin, wetsuit, etc).

3- Practice transitions. The sensation of transitioning from swim to bike and bike to run takes some getting used to. It’s important to do brick or combo sessions that allow you to familiarize yourself with this. It’s also a great opportunity to practice your transitions to make those as fast and efficient as possible before race day.

Alicia Kaye trains and competes with Topical Edge Performance & Recovery Lotion.

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